Best Fire Extinguisher For Kitchens

What Fire Extinguisher For Kitchen

If you own a restaurant, café, fast food, or any other type of food business, you probably know that kitchen cooking is the primary cause of fire in these kinds of businesses.

This is why, it is crucial to ensure safety in your commercial kitchen to prevent the occurrence of a fire outbreak that can damage your business, threaten the lives of your employees and customers, and destroy everything you have worked for your entire life.

Fortunately, safety in the commercial kitchen is not that difficult to achieve if you have the right attitude and knowledge about this matter. To help you in promoting kitchen safety, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Equip your Kitchen with a High-Quality Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher

A wet chemical fire extinguisher is the only extinguisher safe to use for fires caused by grease, cooking oil, and fat fryers. This device comes with a specialised long applicator that is used to lay a cooling layer of extinguishing agent on top of the burning oil. To control the fire, remove the safety pin, aim the nozzle at the base of the flames, squeeze the lever gently, and make a sweeping motion from side to side to put out the fire thoroughly. Always remember that it is never safe to use water, powder, foam or CO2 extinguishers on any fire involving fat or oil. Alternatively, you can also use a fire blanket over a pan with burning oil or fat and then wait for several hours before touching the pan or the blanket. Make sure you store the fire blankets and extinguishers in areas that are visible and accessible.

Burning pots on the stove

More Safe Cooking Tips

To enjoy safe cooking in the kitchen, always pay attention to what you are doing and never leave anything unattended. Take pans off the heat and turn the heat down if you need to leave the cooker for a while, such as if someone is at the door or if you need to answer the phone. Avoid wearing loose clothing as this can easily catch fire. Wear short sleeves when in the kitchen. Always double check if you have turned the cooker off before leaving.

Never put the stove near anything that can easily catch fire such as curtains, potholders, or kitchen towels. See to it that you keep the stove clean and free of built-up fats and other food debris that can start a fire. Never fill a chip pan or deep-fat fryer with more than one-third of oil. Make it a habit to check the ventilation of the kitchen regularly and ensure that the range hoods or fans are not blocked up.

It is true that kitchen cooking is the primary cause of fires in food businesses such as restaurant and fast food. The good news is you can prevent such scenario by practising safe cooking measures and by equipping your kitchen with safety devices such as wet chemical fire extinguisher and fire blankets. These fire safety devices are available online along with other tools such as fire alarms, smoke alarms, smoke seals, carbon monoxide detector, and so on.


We recommednd the follow fire equipment for class F fires

Fire Blanket

1.8 m by 1.8 m Fire Blanket nz

Fire blankets are recommended in the event of an oil fire in a pan or on the stove top.

It can be used to smother the fire or to wrap around a person whose clothing may have caught alight.

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Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher

7 litre wet chemical fire extinguisher nz

If you are using a large amount of oil for cooking in your kitchen, such as a deep fryer, then a wet chemical fire extinguisher is needed.

You can find more information about wet chemical on our article here