New Zealand Approved Fire Protection Equipment

We offer an extensive range of affordable, high-quality fire safety equipment and accessories. 

NZ Extinguishers

We offer a full range of New Zealand Standard certified and approved fire extinguishers. Our range of fire extinguishers to suit specific firefighting applications, including Carbon Dioxide, Water, Foam, Wet Chemical, Dry Chemical Powder. All of our fire extinguishers come with the required wall mount/bracket.

NZ Hose Reels

AS/NZS 1221 certified fire hose reels and nozzles. Fire Hose Reel is perfect to have on hand for all residential, commercial and industrial buildings throughout New Zealand. Designed to fight class A fires, a fire hose can prevent severe damages.


Fire Protection Online offers fire fighting equipment to all areas throughout New Zealand. We also carry a full range of covers, fire blankets, signage, brackets and more.

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