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Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher NZ

ABE dry powder fire extinguishers are suitable for use on Class A, B and E type fires and are approved to AS/NZS 1841.5 standard. ABE fire extinguishers are found in almost all workplaces and offices around New Zealand due to their effectiveness and versatility. These extinguishers are the most powerful and economical extinguishers on the market today. ABE fire extinguishers come in a number of different sizes, ranging from 1kg through to 9kg. For more information check out our article on the different types of fire extinguishers in New Zealand

ABE Dry Powder FAQ

What is a dry powder extinguisher used for?
Due to their versatility, dry chemical fire extinguishers can be used on class A, class B and class E fires. This covers a wide range of hazards, including paper, wood, petrol, as well as electrical fires. Although not included in the rating, ABE fire extinguishers are also capable of extinguishing class C fires, flammable gases.
How long does a dry powder fire extinguisher last?
To be compliant with the New Zealand standards, fire extinguishers need to be inspected at least once a year. A hydrostatic pressure test needs to be carried out every 5 years.
Can you use dry powder on electrical fires?
Yes. However, due to the powder being corrosive it may damage electrical components. Carbon Dioxide is recommended for covering electrical fires.