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Car Fire Extinguisher – Don’t Leave Home Without It

There are many options when it comes to choosing the right kind of car fire extinguisher you could purchase. Since car fire extinguishers are compact 1kg or 2kg versions of the same type of extinguishers used in buildings, then knowing the class of fire will help you choose the right type of fire extinguisher as well. Materials used in the interiors are associated with Class A fires, while Class B and C fires are related to flammable liquids such as petrol, diesel, oils, and gas, among others.

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A car fire extinguisher is generally a small variation of the same dry powder extinguisher that you can discover in many workplaces and stores. This is due to the fact that the powder is a multi-purpose snuffing out representative that can put out four classes of fire, particularly, Class A, B, C and E fires. Class A are those that involve burning wood, paper, or cloth. Since the vehicle has fabric furnishing, it has to have an extinguisher that can combat this kind of fire. Class B, on the other hand, are those that originated from combustible liquids such as gas, diesel and oils. Considering that the vehicle operates on fuel, this would likewise be a viable tool for extinguishing fuel fires. Finally, Class C are those that include gas. The excellent thing about this is that this extinguisher is safe to utilise around electrical equipment.

Ways To Utilize A Car Fire Extinguisher

If you discover a fire inside the vehicle, you have to stop as quickly as possible. Do not try to put out the fire while the car is still running. After you stopped, get the extinguisher and pull the safety pin. Next, you have to intend the nozzle at the base of the fire, NOT in flames. You have to direct the extinguishing agent at the base since pointing it at the flames will just put out the fire momentarily. Squeeze the lever carefully and make a sweeping motion from side to side to extinguish the flames. Do this until you can be sure that the fire has gone out. Likewise, do not attempt to put out the fire if it is already big and dispersing. Leave the car instantly and call the fire brigade.

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Buying Car Fire Extinguisher

When buying a car fire extinguisher, you should first try to find a store that offers extinguishers certified according to New Zealand Standards. Extinguishers must meet NZS 4503:2005. Also, consider the size of the automobile when buying an extinguisher. Large cars, vans, and trucks, for instance, would be better off with a 2kg powder fire extinguisher.