Protecting Your Extinguishers From The Elements

Fire extinguisher cabinet NZ

Protecting Your Fire Extinguishers From The NZ Elements

Whether you have just bought brand new fire extinguishers, or you already have some that are kept outdoors, protecting them from the harsh New Zealand elements can add years to the service life and keep them in working order. Keeping them in cabinets is a good way to make sure they stay in the desired location.

Extinguisher CoversExtinguisher Cover Bag nz

A simple plastic cover over your fire extinguisher is a budget-friendly way of keeping it protected. By keeping your extinguisher covered and out of the direct rain, you will prevent it from corrosion. By covering it, you’re also protecting it from the damaging UV rays on sunny days. They are also great for extinguishers in dusty warehouses or workshops.

Our covers will still make sure your extinguisher is always seen for when someone needs to find it with a bright red block with the words fire extinguisher. They are also made from a heavy-duty, UV stabilised plastic. Once you have put the cover over the extinguisher, you place it back onto its wall hook and you are done.


Extinguisher CabinetsMedium Extinguisher cabinet plastic

If you want more of a permanent solution to protect your extinguishers from everything, then a cabinet is the way to go. We offer two types of cabinets. Either powder coated steel or a UV stabilised plastic. Having your extinguishers in a cabinet will not only protect it from the elements but also any damage, accidental or otherwise. The cabinets also come with all necessary mounting hardware and a strap to keep the extinguisher securely in position.

For extra security, our steel cabinets come with a lock. This won’t affect access to the extinguishers either, as there is a key hidden behind the safety glass at the front. Our cabinets are available in different sizes so that most extinguisher types can fit into one.