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Hоw do Smоkе Dеtесtоrѕ Work?

Smoke Detector

Smoke Alarms & Detectors At thеіr соrе, ѕmоkе аlаrmѕ are straightforward dеvісеѕ thаt nееd оnlу twо functions: a wау оf dеtесtіng smoke and a wау of alerting реорlе tо thе рrоblеm. Frоm nеw tесhnоlоgу іnvоlvіng lasers tо оld wоrld tесhnоlоgу thаt rеlіеѕ on a lоnеlу іndіvіduаl ѕіttіng іn a tоwеr оn thе side оf a …

All About Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers

wet chemical fire extinguisher

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers Wet Chemical fire extinguishers are an aqueous option, commonly alkali steel salts. This extinguishant is designed for fires entailing cooking oils and animal fats. How to Identify A Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher Wet chemical extinguishers come in an all red cylinder with an oatmeal coloured band around the top. Where To …

Car Fire Extinguisher

buy car fire extinguisher

Car Fire Extinguisher – Don’t Leave Home Without It There are many options when it comes to choosing the right kind of car fire extinguisher you could purchase. Since car fire extinguishers are compact 1kg or 2kg versions of the same type of extinguishers used in buildings, then knowing the class of fire will help …

All About Water Fire Extinguishers

Water fire extinguisher

Water Fire Extinguishers The water fire extinguisher is an excellent solution if you run the risk of Class A fires involving paper, rubbish, wood, cloth or other carbon-based materials. H2O is also one of the oldest extinguishants around that is still used to this day. It is common to pair up water with carbon dioxide extinguishers …

All About Foam Fire Extinguishers

All About Foam Fire Extinguishers NZ

Foam Fire Extinguishers Foam fire extinguishers are an excellent solution if you run the risk of Class B fires involving flammable liquids, such as petrol and paint. Aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) is a synthetic foam concentrate consisting of fluorinated surfactants plus foam stabilisers which are mixed with water to form a foam. The fluorine-free …

All About Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers

Carbon All About Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers NZ

Wanting to know if CO2 is the correct extinguisher for you? Everything you need to know about Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers explained in a simple guide. We go over how to identify, where to use, the advantages and the disadvantages.